OUR PLANET receives over 4 Yotta Joules of Energy from the Sun annually!

Harnessing this abundant, clean solar energy simply and effectively has been one of mankind's greatest challenges. 

Introducing SolarLEAF™

THERMALLY REGULATED Panel level Energy storage

makes adding energy storage as simple as installing solar

The SolarLEAF represents the next evolution of battery storage coupled with Solar PV systems. Placing the battery directly behind a solar panel is made possible by our patented passive thermal regulation technology. The thermal regulation system is 100% passive i.e. consumes no additional external power to keep the battery at a suitable temperature range even in the extreme summer heat in Texas or freezing winter nights in New York.

SolarLEAF's shielding of the battery from temperature extremes and moisture along with the integrated power electronics results in a long and bankable service life, an industry leading efficiency (from solar storage), higher yearly solar generation and resilience you can count on.

In comparison to the SolarLEAF panel level storage, the more conventional centralized battery storage solutions have high soft costs, are heavy and complicated to design and maintain. They need large, ventilated spaces with fire proofing and suppression demanding site specific design. These added complexities drive up the costs and hassle of adding energy storage to a point where panel level storage is both cheaper upfront and brings in a higher return on investment to the customer.

If you would like to learn more about panel level storage for your project, please reach out to one of our project specialists.

Yotta hear them out

Yotta’s passive thermal protection of the battery is smart and elegant engineering!
— James, Mission Solar Energy LLC
I don’t have to give away real estate to house the energy storage system or build a fire suppression around it.
— VP Real Estate, Utility (US)
The product being developed by Yotta Solar will be a game changer for energy storage. It will simplify all aspects of designing a battery backup solution as well as the installation. A panel-level storage option will enable remote design and make the bidding process effortless.
— Nick, VP at Native Inc
Solar Leaf will be a breakthrough for solar energy. Having an all in one unit designed to be installed with the solar module will require very few additional steps and reduce the installation cost.
— Richard, Principal at Structure Green

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