New electricity generation from Solar energy is now cheaper than Coal in many parts of the world.

Energy storage solves a major problem which has held renewable energy back since the beginning: intermittent flow of power for customers. The ability to store energy is transforming solar into a reliable power source.


The next problem to solve is creating a practical battery for energy storage. Most current products are bulky, have multiple components, and are not reliable enough. Installation for these batteries is complex, requiring a high level of installer training. This adds to the overall cost of energy storage, reduces its feasibility, and slows the growth potential of the industry. Battery safety is another major concern.


At Yotta, we are simplifying energy storage. We address every issue with top engineering and extensive experience designing and deploying both on and off-grid systems in the solar industry. Driven by a clean-slate design approach and a synergistic use of technologies, we have created a safe, efficient, long-lasting, future-ready battery. We call it SolarLEAF™.


SOLAR + STORAGE | Simplified with SolarLEAF™

SolarLEAF is an industry first solar panel level energy storage device that stores energy while efficiently self-regulating the battery temperature to ensure long life and high reliability.

This leads to a simple plug n play solar storage system with the lowest lifetime cost of electricity. 



What are solar installers saying?

The product being developed by Yotta Solar will be a game changer for energy storage. It will simplify all aspects of designing a battery backup solution as well as the installation. A panel-level storage option will enable remote design and make the bidding process effortless.
— Nick, VP at Native Inc
Solar Leaf will be a breakthrough for solar energy. Having an all in one unit designed to be installed with the solar module will require very few additional steps and reduce the installation cost.
— Richard, Principal at Structure Green