Each year, our planet receives one Yotta Joule (1024J) of energy from the Sun

The complexity and high cost of adding energy storage to solar projects have significantly impeded its widespread adoption.

At Yotta Solar, we have challenged the norms around energy storage as we know it. Focussed on solving the existing issues with energy storage systems (ESS): high cost, space and installation complexity, we have come up with a unique solution that we call Solar LEAF™.   

Solar LEAF™ is a solar panel level micro-energy storage device that not only stores solar energy but also efficiently self-regulates its temperature to ensure long life and reliability.

Solar LEAF™ Advantage

SAVE ON space & wiring

Adding the storage behind the PV modules frees up the space from your home or garage. Solar LEAF™ format also eliminates the need for additional conduits and wiring that could pose challenges. The reduction of onsite wiring ensures improved installation quality and time and helps the bottomline of both installer and user. 

Example: Grid-tie solar+storage installation using Solar LEAF™ (2.4kW, 8kWh) 

lower Installed cost

The soft costs of energy storage runs upwards of 40% in a typical PV+ESS system. The Solar LEAF™ micro-storage format is highly scalable.

This not only lets you choose the exact capacity you need but also reduces the installation cost by 30-50%.

FUTURE of solar+storage today 

Battery technology has seen significant improvements over the past decade. Our design philosophy at Yotta Solar has been to use technologies that have stood the test of time and engineer solutions around them.

With our (patent pending) temperature regulated battery shell, our rooftop battery is safe, long lasting and also economically attractive.

What do solar installers say?

The product being developed by Yotta Solar will be a game changer for energy storage. It will simplify all aspects of designing a battery backup solution as well as the installation. A panel-level storage option will enable remote design and make the bidding process effortless.
— Nick, VP at Native Inc
Solar Leaf will be a breakthrough for solar energy. Having an all in one unit designed to be installed with the solar module will require very few additional steps and reduce the installation cost.
— Richard, Principal at Structure Green